Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected all the answers to the most common questions our customers ask us, all in one place. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@snusforsale.com.

First of all, check your spam folder. We are doing our best to make sure our emails don’t end up there but sometimes it happens. If you can’t find it there, contact us and we will help you out. 

Also, keep in mind that you might not have gotten a shipping confirmation email simply because we haven’t shipped your order yet. We aim to ship all orders within 24 hours but since we don’t work on weekends your Friday order might get shipped on Monday, depending on what time on Friday it was placed.

We’ve done our best to specify as accurate shipping times as possible on our checkout page. If an order takes longer than the specified time, it could be because the customs authorities in your country are taking an extraordinarily long time to process the package. Even though it’s unusual, some packages can stay with customs upwards of 2 weeks or slightly more. This is unfortunately out of our control as it depends on the processes of that country’s customs authorities.

Our shipping system will automatically include a tracking link that goes to PostNord’s website. The thing is that they only post shipping updates that originate from them. If you want even more details then go to parcelsapp.com and type in your tracking number there (it starts either with LA or RR, followed by a bunch of numbers and ends with SE). They include all shipping updates from all shipping carriers in the world and should have more information. Due to technical limitations for now, we are unable to include that link in the email we send you.

We deliver to most countries. If you cant find your country please send us an e-mail and we will give you all answers.

We don’t have any minimum order quantity so you are free to order only one can of nicotine pouches. But of course, the more cans you order, the less the shipping cost per can gets.

You must be at least 18 years (in some states in the US at least 21 years old) to buy Swedish nicotine pouches on snusforsale.com. We use state of the art age verification methodology to ensure you meet the age required. It’s your duty and responsibility to be sincere and inform us about your age. If there’s any misconduct on your part or if you deliberately provide us with false information you might get prosecuted according to the laws of your country.

Since nicotine pouches is at it’s best when it’s a bit moist, we recommend you to store the nicotine pouches in a cold area, preferably in a refrigerator. This retains the moisture for as long as possible. 

If you do that then you can expect the nicotine pouches to last for up to a year. In case of doubt, the expiration dates are clearly labeled on the can.

To order goods at snusforsale.com, you must be at least 18 years old (in some states in the US, at least 21 years old). The minimum age required might vary, please check with your local authorities.

If this is your first order we recommend you to check applicable import regulations and customs regulations with your local authorities. As the importer, you are solely and personally responsible for the import of nicotine pouches and it’s your obligation to monitor and pay taxes and costs for customs clearance. We are sending nicotine pouches with Postnord to the US.

Please note that the ordered products can be opened and inspected by customs authorities. snusforsale.com is not responsible whatsoever for any costs that may arise due to the fact the product has been seized by customs or any other local authority. 

You simply click the checkout button on the cart and fill in your adress and credit card number. We accept payment by credit card. The cards we accept are American Express, VISA and MasterCard. We use Paypal as a payment service provider to ensure you state of the art security regarding your credit card and personal information.

We use Postnord Sverige AB (former Swedish Postal Office). That means you will get your package within 3-7 business days in most places.

If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your order you might do so until the order has been sent from our warehouse. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours from when your order has been placed. After your order has been sent from our warehouse it is not possible to cancel it. Please contact us immediately at info@snusforsale.com if you want to cancel your order or if you by mistake have put some items to your cart and processed the order. Swedish nicotine pouches is a perishable item and can’t be re-sold so therefore we do not accept returns or replacements.

Regulations and customs charges

By using our site, you understand and expressly agree to be legally bound by these Terms and follow the Terms and Conditions.

To place an order with snusforsale.com you have to be 18 years or older (19 years or older for residents of Alabama, Alaska or Utah). Please note that due to the requirement of an adult signature, with “Adult 21” being the only option, shipments to the U.S might require an adult of at least 21 years to be available to sign for the package, even though the content is declared and may legally be purchased at age 18 or 19. As most other countries we ship to do not differentiate between age 18 and 21, this is not an issue there. 

If you are ordering goods for delivery, please note that your consignment may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the goods reach the country of destination. Any such charges levied in relation to customs clearance must be borne by you.

Some countries have regulations and restricted imports of the quantity of imported smokeless tobacco products and different countries have varying duty regulations. snusforsale.com cannot provide information about customs and import regulations in the destination country. The person who orders the products is therefore personally responsible for being informed about the own country customs and import regulations that apply to Swedish nicotine pouches, and other tobacco products and for paying any duties, taxes, or fees that might be charged. Any charges for import clearance due to the purchase at snusforsale.com will be borne by you, the customer. snusforsale.com shall not be liable for releasing or shipping replacement goods if they are seized by customs.

Please note that when shipping goods the shipments may be subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities. You are deemed to be the importer of the goods and must therefore comply with all the laws and regulations of the country into which the goods are being delivered.