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Nicotine pouches Puerto Rico

Nicotine pouches is a great alternative to smoking. In Puerto Rico, it is estimated that around 11% of the population on the island smoke cigarettes or cigars regularly. And as we all know, smoking is very bad for you. It damages the lungs and the heart, increases cancer risks and worsens your stamina. What if you could enjoy nicotine in a healthier, more risk-free way? Well now you can with nicotine pouches.


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Buying snus in Puerto Rico

What is snus? Snus was originally developed in Sweden in the 19th century. It’s a form of moist, ground and spiced tobacco, made from the leaves and the stems of the tobacco plant, that is rolled into a ball that you place under your upper lip for up to an hour or so. After an hour, you just spit the snus out. This way of using snus is not for the faint-hearted though as it has quite a strong, distinct flavour and not everyone enjoys it.

In recent decades, it’s become much more common to buy snus in prepackaged small cellulose pouches. This way, you don’t have to roll the snus powder up yourself and there is much less fluid leaking from it when it’s behind the lip. The flavour is still there though, it’s just a more convenient way of consuming snus.

Here at Snusforsale, we don’t sell classic snus though. We only sell nicotine pouches, which is the latest advancement in the snus industry. The nicotine pouches we sell are all white and only contain nicotine, either derived from the tobacco plant or made synthetically.  It’s a much gentler way of getting your nicotine for several reasons:

You don’t have the distinct snus flavour anymore, which is very much an acquired taste and not for everyone.

It won’t stain your teeth at all as classic snus normally does.

Lastly, it comes in all different kinds of flavours and strengths to suit anyone’s taste.

Snus Nicotine pouches Puerto Rico

Buying Zyn pouches in Puerto Rico

The most popular brand of Nicotine pouches is Zyn. Produced by Swedish Match, it’s the most well-known brand of nicotine pouches all over the world and it’s only getting more popular every day.

Zyn offers many varieties of flavours and strengths. Whether you like a sharp mint taste, a smooth espresso aroma or a fruity lemon flavour, Zyn has got you covered. Here at Snusforsale we strive to sell all the variants that Zyn has to offer. Just take a look at our selection and see if there is a particular one that you would like the most. At the time of writing, we offer approximately 20 different kinds so finding one that you particularly like should be easy.

Velo pouches Puerto Rico

Velo is another brand that has recently made a huge dent in the nicotine pouch market. Produced by British American Tobacco, Velo has made big strides in the industry. The flavours and strengths offered by Velo are nothing to scoff at.  Right now, we offer around 20 different varieties at Snusforsale. So, if you haven’t found one that you liked when browsing our ZYN selection, you will most likely find one here.

VELO also has stronger variants than ZYN. The strongest VELO pouch is VELO Freeze Slim Max which contains 17mg per pouch which is more than 4 times stronger than the weakest one, VELO Easy Mint Mini, that only has 4mg nicotine per pouch.

White fox Puerto Rico

If you are a nicotine pouch aficionado, you might want to try out White Fox instead. White Fox is produced by GN Tobacco and is a relatively new player on the nicotine pouch market. The strongest pouch we have in our entire selection here at Snusforsale is White Fox Black which contains 25mg nicotine per pouch. This is very strong and is not recommended for beginners as it might make you feel nauseous.

But do feel free to browse our White Fox selection. You might find something you like there.