ZYN Slim Violet Licorice


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ZYN Slim Violet Licorice

The highly respected ZYN Slim Violet Licorice all-white nicotine pouch is made by Swedish Match.

Its dry texture and revitalizing licorice flavor are standout features.

Many people enjoy its refreshing taste and texture.

Try out ZYN Slim Violet Licorice

Looking for a delicious and refreshing way to get your nicotine fix? Look no further than ZYN Slim Violet Licorice! These mouth-watering pouches are packed with salty, crisp flavors of licorice, delivering a satisfying and long-lasting experience. And with a dry surface that produces less saliva, you can enjoy your ZYN Licorice pouches without worry. So why wait? Order your own package today!

This product is an all-white nicotine pouch!

Nicotine content of Slim Violet Licorice

Nicotine mg/g: 8 mg

Nicotine mg/pouch: 6.4 mg

Weight/Pouch: 0.8 g

Pouches/Can: 21