ZYN Slim Citrus Strong


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ZYN Slim Citrus Strong

ZYN Slim Citrus Strong is a highly respected type of all-white nicotine pouch.

Its dryness and revitalizing citrus flavor are notable attributes.

It is manufactured by the Swedish company Swedish Match.

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Looking for a delicious and refreshing way to get your nicotine fix? ZYN Slim Citrus Strong has got you covered! These slim, dry pouches deliver flavor and nicotine the moment they become a little damp, making them perfect for on-the-go use. And with a tantalizing citrus flavor, ZYN Citrus is sure to become your new favorite way to get your nicotine fix! ZYN Slim Citrus Strong contains a high concentration of nicotine, delivering a more intense hit than many other options on the market. So whether you’re needing an instant pick-me-up or looking for an effective and flavorful nicotine delivery system, ZYN Citrus is a perfect choice.

Nicotine content of ZYN Slim Citrus Strong

Nicotine mg/g: 11.3 mg

Nicotine mg/pouch: 9 mg

Weight/Pouch: 0.8 g

Pouches/Can: 21

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love the lemon taste

ZYN citrus tastes like lemon and I love it.

ZYN Citrus is fresh

I really like the fresh taste of lemon.
The cans with the pouches from Europe is slighly different from the ones we have here in the US. To the better.
Prefer buying from you guys. Thank you for great service.