ZYN Mini Espressino Normal


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ZYN Mini Espressino Normal

ZYN Mini Espressino Normal is one tasteful all-white nicotine pouch.

It is known for its strong Espresso taste.

It is a product of the Swedish company Swedish Match.

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Welcome to the world of ZYN Espressino, the perfect blend of coffee and nicotine pouches. This delicious marriage of flavors delivers a rich, roasted coffee taste with hints of chocolate, nougat, and vanilla for a truly enjoyable experience. Comes in a slightly darker pouch and has a creamy character. So whether you’re a coffee lover or simply looking for a new and innovative way to enjoy nicotine, ZYN Espressino is the perfect choice.

Nicotine Content of ZYN Mini Espressino Normal

Nicotine mg/g: 7.5 mg

Nicotine mg/pouch: 3 mg

Weight/Pouch: 0.4 g

Pouches/Can: 20