VELO Royal Tea Slim


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VELO Royal Tea Slim

Infused with royal tea extract, VELO Royal Tea Slim offers an aromatic nicotine pouch experience.

Compact in size: VELO Royal Tea Slim is crafted to be smaller than traditional Ease into nicotine use with VELO Royal Tea Slim; its traditional nicotine products may create a more relaxed experience.

Try out VELO Royal Tea Slim

Experience the taste of black tea and bergamot with VELO Royal Tea Slim. This refreshing and floral variant is perfect for those who want to enjoy a great nicotine pouch without having to compromise on taste or quality. With its slim format, VELO Royal Tea Slim fits comfortably under the lip.

VELO Royal Tea Slim is the perfect blend of masterfully grown tea and natural ingredients, designed for being slim. Succumb to the enchantment of this delightful slimming tea and enjoy its delicious aroma as it aids your efforts to energize your body and feel your best every day!

Nicotine content of VELO Royal Tea Slim

Nicotine content: 8 mg/g

Nicotine mg/pouch: 5.6 mg

Weight/Pouch: 0.7 g

Pouches/Can: 20