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ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong

ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong

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ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong

  • ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong leaves a great bellini flavor in the mouth.
  • It is known for its dry and extra-strong flavor.
  • It is a product of the Swedish company Swedish Match.

Try out ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong

Looking for an Italian-inspired nicotine experience? ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong is your perfect choice! This flavor is inspired by the popular Italian drink, and it'll make you feel like you're partying on the Mediterranean coast. With a taste of peach and hints of fruit tea and green grape, this small thin nicotine pouch is perfect for those who want a strong, fast-acting experience. So why not try ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong today? You won't be disappointed!

Nicotine content of ZYN Mini Dry Bellini Extra Strong

Nicotine content: 15 mg/g

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Customer Reviews

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ZYN Mini Bellini Extra Strong

This one is strong but I love that the pouches of zyn is pretty small. So that is nice

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