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VELO Freeze Slim MAX

VELO Freeze Slim MAX

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VELO Freeze Slim MAX

  • It is a type of nicotine product with a strong mint flavor.
  • It is a smokeless form of nicotine consumption, achieved by placing a small portion under the lip.
  • It consists purely of nicotine.

Try out VELO Freeze Slim MAX

Looking for an all-white nicotine pouch with a powerful and invigorating burst of mint? Introducing VELO Freeze MAX All White Portions! This top-selling product is ideal for those seeking a minty nicotine pouch with a strong nicotine hit. Plus, with an all-white design, there's no risk of tooth staining.

VELO Freeze MAX All White Portions are a must-try for those looking for a refreshing and satisfying pouch experience. Its minty flavor will invigorate your senses and the strong nicotine kick will provide a satisfying buzz. Whether you're an experienced pouch user or trying it for the first time, VELO Freeze MAX All White Portions are sure to deliver a truly exceptional experience. And, with an all-white formula, you won't have to worry about unsightly tooth stains. Try VELO Freeze MAX All White Portions today and discover a whole new world of nicotine pouches!

Nicotine content of VELO Freeze Slim MAX

Nicotine content: 24 mg/g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Freeze slim MAX is STRONG!

I bought 10 pcs of Freeze MAX and this pouch is really strong. All my friends here in New York that try it get dizzy and impressed.
Might go for something weaker next time.
Great shipping time. Thank you!

A bit too strong

VELO freeze slim max is insanely madly strong. I have never encountered a snus like this. Try it out only if you know how to handle ALOT OF NICOTINE

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