LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini


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LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini

LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini is a type of nicotine pouch, a moist nicotine product that is consumed by placing a small amount between the gums and the upper lip

LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini offers a range of flavor choices for their pouch.

nicotine-pouch, including LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini, comes in different flavors.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality nicotine pouch with a delicious, natural taste, look no further than LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini. These all-white nicopods from another nicotine pouch Factory are soft and comfortable to use, and their genuine aroma and flavor will make you instantly fall in love. Don’t miss out on these incredible pouches the next time you order nicopods online!

Nicotine content of LOOP Licorice Fusion Mini

Nicotine content: 10 mg/g