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XQS snus is one of the most flavored snus pouches. The brand XQS offers a wide range of flavors, including mint, fruit, and spice, allowing users to find the perfect flavor for their preferences. XQS's unique pouch design allows maximum nicotine absorption, ensuring a satisfying and consistent experience with each use. XQS uses only high-quality nicotine in its products, carefully sourced and processed for a smooth and flavorful experience.

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What ingredients do the nicotine pouches in XQS snus have?

The contents of the nicotine pouches are derived from plant-based materials, specifically cellulose fiber extracted from pine trees, as well as nicotine, water, and flavoring agents. These pouches do not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners and are entirely free from tobacco. A standard nicotine pouch typically includes 21 bags.

How do you use the XQS snus?

The nicotine pouches are packaged in a sealed pouch. Simply remove one pouch from the package and place it under your lip. Each pouch can be used for approximately 20-30 minutes before it is depleted and should be disposed of in the lid provided with the pouch.

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XQS snus, questions, and answers

No, XQS snus is not nicotine-free, every single product has nicotine in it with different kinds of strengths in them.

XQS snus is a brand from XQS, that is owned by them.

XQS snus is a brand of tobacco-free nicotine pouches that XQS makes. XQS SNUS is a tobacco-free pouch, not a nicotine-free pouch

How much XQS per day you consume depends on the user. What people usually use is around half a nicotine pouch per day. That equals around 10 bags one day. Each nicotine pouch contains 21 nicotine bags.